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Save our suburbs

The damaging 10/50 land clearing code threatens to turn our leafy suburbs into concrete jungles.

Thanks to concerted community action, the Government is starting to cave in to the pressure and admit the code's just not working.

But simply 'changing' 10/50 doesn't cut it for our trees facing the chop. 

Support our campaign to axe the 10/50 code completely, not to axe our trees!

Without your action, the Government would have remained silent whilst our suburbs and special natural places around NSW lost their trees.

The Government is proposing many changes, such as ensuring World Heritage Areas, essential wetlands and rainforest, and special Aboriginal places will be saved from the chainsaw.

Yet the fact the Government made these changes shows what poor policy this code was in the first place.

The code does not seriously reduce bushfire risk but has had devastating consequences for urban bushland and the wildlife in our suburbs. 

Since these laws was introduced last August, thousands of trees have been cleared across the state. This free pass for felling is terrible news for our wildlife.

Unless the Baird Government scraps the code entirely we will continue to see trees lost across NSW.

NSW needs a real plan to reduce our bushfire risk, not a knee jerk reaction.

Thank you for your commitment. This is your victory for nature, let’s not stop now. 


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