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Stop the War on Trees

Stand up for nature today

 In the space of just a few years, we've had assault after assault on nature:

* Shocking proposal revealed to bulldoze 60 hectares of the Royal National Park

* widespread alleged illegal land-clearing while the government turns a blind eye

new 'tree klling' laws and draft codes introduced in the face of strong expert scientific and legal objections

* trees, native bush and wildlife habitat being destroyed, without oversight, by developers and landholders under the so-called '10-50' codes

* the destruction of urban parkland and trees for the Westconnex motorway

* the completely unnecessary felling of 100 year old Moreton Bay fig trees on the light rail construction corridor

The NSW government is scrapping the Native Vegetation Act - one of the most important protections for koalas, endangered birds and other threatened wildlife in our state. They've waged a war on trees and wildlife, and it's up to us to fight back. 


Koalas, birds and other vulnerable wildlife are vanishing from our bushland as the trees they call home continue to be cleared. They're plastered across our tourism brochures, yet our government's policies are putting them at risk. Our existing laws are all that stands between healthy habitat and destruction for our wildlife.

The stakes have never been higher. Together, we'll give it all we've got. Your contribution will help us pull together the latest science and on the ground land managers to drive the next generations of laws to stop the war on trees, save the koala and other wildlife. You'll be helping fund a giant grassroots effort and savvy media campaign to make sure the government feels the weight of our community.

Together, we'll be able to tell our grandchildren we acted when it mattered.

Who's donating: from Eindhoven, Netherlands donated. Thank you!

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